Helen Barrett (2006)

Helen Barrett (2006) “Attachment and the  Perils of  Parenting (2006)
A commentary and critique.”  Published by The National Family and Parenting Institute.

This study examines in detail the origins and development of Attachment theory and its meaning for current parenting practice. It asks what messages have really emerged for parenting ?  How are they supported by research? And how can they inform policy and practice?

This book is essential reading for anyone involved in child and family support and policy.

The author Helen Barrett has researched and worked with children and families and their carers in a wide range of family and community settings. She lectured in developmental psychology before she joined the National Family and Parenting Institute as Research Fellow  and worked there for several years.  Her particular interest was in the influence of non-traditional care settings and separation experiences on the emotional development of children and parents.

Helen has recently retired from being the Chair of the International Attachment Network which is an educational charity promoting a wider understanding  of attachment theory. There she organised

Information of IAN can be found onwww.attachmentnetwork.org