Heather Geddes (2003)

Heather Geddes (2003) Attachment in the Classroom; The links between children’s early experience, emotional well being and performance in school l . Published  by

Worth Publishing, London

The book is extremely useful for teachers, psychologists, therapists and others who work I with young children who  demonstrate patterns of attachment disorders in school and suggest ways of help the children individually or classroom contexts

The author is an educational psychotherapist who has worked for several years with teachers in schools.  She is a senior Staff member of Caspari Foundation a training organisation for Educational Psychotherapists and lectures to students and to organisation and schools in England and Europe. She is also a consultant and supervisor of educational therapists

Information about the Caspari Foundation can be found on www.caspari.org.uk

Andrea Perry (Editor) (2009) Teenagers and Attachment : Helping Adolescents Engage with Life and learning Published by Worth Publising

They are 8 contributors to this book ,

Sue Amey, Camila Batmanghelidh, louise Michelle Bomber, K